Logo Design, Identity Items Design, Packaging Design

ZUZA is a fine jewelry boutique with its unique style. It sells luxury jewelry with natural stones. Each piece is unique, subtle and elegant. All jewelry are hand made in Israel.

ZUZA contacted us asking to help them to develop a visual brand identity for the company. Since ZUZA's style is so unique and elegant, we wanted to create a brand that will visually reflect and reinforce those values. Because of this, we've chosen simple and infinitely elegant combination of black and white classic as their brand colors.

Elegance and delicate subtleness of a typeface we've used for the company logo makes brand image look refined and pure. This logo can be used as black on white backgrounds, or in inversion, white letters over dark color.

The whole line of visual identity elements that we've created include business cards, flyers, gift certificates, registration cards, and many other promotional materials. They all follow the same visual brand style: simple and elegant black, or dark grey, on a white background.

A packaging box is pure white with touches of black on the sides. We wanted it represent an fine perfection of ZUZA's' jewelry. Each jewelry item is truly unique piece of art. It's like a frozen imagination that reflects the beauty of the moment. We truly enjoy ZUZA jewelry style and it was a great honor and pleasure for us to work with them. We enjoyed every moment of it!


  • Logo design
  • Business card design
  • Packaging design
  • Registration card design
  • Flyer design
  • Product dags
  • Gift certificate
  • Discount cards
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