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MaxGalleria is a wonderfully powerful free WordPress image and video gallery plugin developed by Max Foundry, LLC. Our goal was to develop a new, shiny looking website for MaxGalleria. A site that it well deserved.

Since we already had designs provided by the client, we concentrated on programming functionality of the website. We decided to use an MV* architecture. It has many advantages. The major one is a separation of components of visual design from underlying business logic. This separation of responsibilities allows high degree flexibility. For example, if visual part of the site gets decoupled from the underlying data model, changes to the model do not require visual parts to be rebuilt. It can reduce site maintenance efforts greatly.

For visual part we decided to use Mustache logicless templates, a proven and reliable way to implement page views. Such templates provide extremely fast performance and are easy to work with. They allow designers to work separately from web developers, reducing their dependency on each other.

Our efforts resulted in a site that is visually attractive and well organized. In addition to extensive information about the plugin, it has blog and support sections. Integrated eCommerce solution allows to purchase MaxGalleria addons directly from the website. All web pages are fully responsive and scale well on all types of devices with any screen resolutions.

Key Benefits

  • Great looking website with information that is easy to use
  • Loads fast
  • JeCommerce-enabled
  • Fully responsive, mobile first
  • Easy to maintain

We Developed with

  • HTML5
  • CSS3, Sass
  • JavaScript
  • PHP

Technologies We've Used

  • WebsiteMustache templates
  • MV* theme framework
  • Bootstrap front-end framework
  • WordPress CMS
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