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A company with more than 20-year history, Design1st is now one of Canada's largest, most prolific physical product design specialists. Design1st asked us to implement both visual and technical updates to their existing site.

Our goal was to make site look perfect on all types of devices, and improve its maintainability. An existing version of Design1st site was using a page builder that had too many limitation. Not all types of content can be created easily with it. It also restricted the ways content can be inserted. This resulted in many issues and was very frustrating.

We've created a custom WordPress theme that used a fast implementation of Mustache template engine. This increased speed of page creation greatly. After extensive research we decided to use SiteOrigin Page Builder as a back end page layout tool. SiteOrigin Page Builder is extremely flexible, easy to use, and works fast. It greatly increases a speed of page creation by the client and removes all existing limitation on what content types can be inserted into a page.

Since this site used a Bootstrap front-end framework, we used a SmartMenus mobile first responsive jQuery plugin that has Bootstrap support. This allowed to remove limitations of default Bootstrap menu script and made the menu match complex design requirements while being user friendly for mobile users.

As a result, the site got many improvements in the following areas:

  • Overall look and feel
  • Page loading speed
  • UI/UX for mobile users
  • Ease of use for the client

It was a very interesting project. We were happy that we were able to help a great client, Design1st.

Key Benefits

  • Improved website look
  • Website loads faster and ranks higher in Google PageSpeed
  • Client can edit site pages easily without any special skills

We developed with

  • HTML5
  • CSS3, Sass
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • WordPress CMS

Technologies we've used

  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap front-end framework
  • Mustache templates
  • Blaze theme framework
  • Google Custom Search Engine integration
  • SmartMenus
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